Link building strategies that will really work in 2017

Link building strategies that will really work in 2017

Top 5 link building strategy

If you are having trouble making money from your Web site, or look for ways increase your position in search engines.

Because most of the sites that are hidden from visitors. If you are on page 23 in the search engines, no one will find your business.

Statistics show that only a small percentage of webmasters make money. This can lead to:

1. The poor quality of your site.

2. There is no content that is fresh and unique.

3. No keywords for your site.

4. You have no sense unique links pointing to your site.

So if anyone put a link to your site, you lose a lot of business and profit.

How to build your link popularity?

You must link campaign.

You will need the following tools:

1. Directory: submit your site to web directories so friendly. And you have another solution, use you the services company, which will send your link to multiple directories for link building.

2. The competitors: you need to do research related to your competitor. Visit the websites and try to get links on their part.

3. Partner: find a partner from another field in your topic or industry. I mean, if you have a Web host, you can get links to another company, a designer and so on…

4. Affiliate program: If you have an affiliate program you will increase traffic. And you can find partners who got a discount or if they offer you.

5. Forums, blogs: If you use a forum or a blog, you can create a signature with your site. But you’re not strangers spam blogs and forums!

However, it’s just a few tactics that I use.
Be creative!

When you apply these techniques you can quickly improve your ranking and will cause a free traffic for your site. You will be able to make a profit from your business.

Link building to increase website rankings

Search engines place a high value on link popularity. Link popularity is defined as the number of inbound links from quality. To get the link popularity, the website should engage link building campaigns. No, Link Building is not where two partners business link exchange or link exchange, or creating web pages where each page is linked to the other – also known as the name of a farm of links.

Link building is the process of creating links to sense unique quality on your own site using a variety of strategies. In link building, link to sites with relevant content is the most important. By example, if the manufacturer of the industry links unit at a company that makes cosmetics without reason but to exchange links in an effort to make the popularity of the site in the search engines, then it is not a good link to have.

why should you engage in link building campaign?

When other sites you think you are worth linking to, increase the importance of your website in the eyes of the search engines. This is the reason why if there are a lot of links pointing to your site, which means that your Web site has good content. When a website has good content and popularity web site has many links incoming, search engines consider the ideal site for the first place in the search.

Five, a good way to make one-way links to your site

Provide content in your area of expertise on your website. This will attract other people to put links on its site in order to share this information with their visitors. Don’t forget to make the content easy to understand.
Create a list of ‘myth’ or ‘top 10 things to avoid’ on a given topic in your area of expertise.
Create a list of ‘expert’ or ‘coach’ in the field of expertise on your website. Then send the page link to experts and coaches to ask them if they would be willing to make a link to your Web site. Some will decline because they are displayed on your website

Create a press release and submit it to the PR Web and other press online
Create a blog about topics in your area of expertise and to upgrade their blog on the website of the blog with a link to our relevant Web site.

That some Link Building traps to avoid?

The second important pitfall is setting up farms of links and participate in a three-way-binder.

A closed link is a group of web pages that are created specifically to link them. Links farms are generally made of spam to the search engines. When found, prohibited researchers from Web sites that took part in links farms.

Three-way link building is almost always done in order to improve the ranking of a website in search engines. The Web Master will build several sites and link to their main site from other sites, in order to improve the ranking of their main site. Three-way link is intended to trick the search engines by creating links of popularity artificially high to the websites of their choice.

Google Page Rank of numerical value called Page Rank to indicate the importance of a web page. When a Web site page one link to another, Google considers the site generates trust casting link to these sites, by linking to it. Sites considered important for Google because he has a way a lot of links are relevant and be used as a factor to give the site a higher rank.
Although this isn’t the only factor that determines the importance of the site, it is important to be sure.

Conclusion link building is important for making your website to get higher on search engines. It must be associated with the search engine optimization, pay per click and other online and offline marketing strategies.

When you are outsourcing your link building activity, be sure to ask the supplier of the outsourcing of the process they follow to identify relevant sites that they, on your behalf, will present a request for Link building. So if you wait? Use the techniques.

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